Tapahtuma Interaktiivinen Tekniikka Koulutuksessa -konferenssi 2022 starts on 5. lokakuuta 2022 klo 10.00.00 +0300
Learning environment supporting new ways of learning, insights from user surveys
Analytiikka Hybridiopetus Oppimisympäristöt
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Peltonen Hannele Marketing Director  at Martela Oyj hannele.peltonen@martela.com 0504336424

VIertola Paula Development Manager  at Martela Oyj paula.viertola@martela.com 040 019 5562

We have been collecting user baseline data through a digital survey related to learning environment development for several years. Now we finally have comparative data on the impact of the implemented development. In the presentation, we open this data in a user-oriented way: we share insights and observations, which we concretize with the personnel’s experiences and visualizations of the new facilities. The insights reflect the big change we have experienced in learning methods and ways of working.