Frequently Asked Questions

Call for Papers

What happened to the ITK sessions?
The familiar ITK sessions (1 hour and 15 minutes) from the ITK conference program have been removed from the Thursday and Friday. In their place, a new 1-hour and 15-minute ITK workshop has been introduced. ITK workshops can be proposed for Wednesday's program.

Where can I find the presentation proposals I've submitted?
You can find your ITK presentations at the following address:

Is my presentation proposal currently under review? Is everything in order?

You can see the status of each presentation proposal in the 'Stage' column on the
My Tracks -page:

Proposal = You have saved the presentation proposal as a draft. Please remember to confirm your presentation proposal before the Call for Papers deadline to ensure it progresses for review.

Confirmed = Everything is in order. You have confirmed the details of your presentation proposal, and it will now proceed to the evaluation process.

How can I edit a presentation proposal that has already been confirmed?
If you wish to request the reversion of your presentation proposal to draft status, please reach out Please note that any edits must be made before the Call for Papers phase concludes.

ITK program

What happens on ITK Wednesday?
ITK Wednesday is dedicated to workshops, with a program consisting of both half-day and full-day ITK workshops. These workshops primarily focus on specific themes and offer interactive training sessions. ITK workshops are free for participants but require separate registration. For more information: ITK-workshopit


Is it possible to transfer my ticket to someone else?
Yes, it is possible to transfer the ticket to another individual within the same organization. Please get in touch with us at:

How can I request an invoice for my participation fee?
When providing payment details, you can choose to designate the payer as a company/organization (as shown in the image below). This will unlock additional fields for entering the electronic invoicing address.

If you need to include reference information or any other specific details on the invoice, you can provide them in the following section on the next page of the form.

On the final page, you can choose 'invoice' as your payment method, and we will send the invoice electronically as an e-invoice.  


As a Presenter at The ITK conference

Has my presentation been accepted into the ITK conference program?
You can review the presentation proposals you have submitted at If your presentation status is marked as "Published," your presentation is included in the ITK conference program.

Can I edit the information about my presentation?
If you wish to update your presentation description or speaker information, you can send the corrected details via email to the following address:

What is the presentation technology available in the rooms? 
In all rooms, there is a presentation machine (laptop) equipped with an internet connection, microphone, and video camera. Additionally, there is audio playback and HDMI connectivity for your own computer.

Pre-installed softwares:

  • Microsoft Office

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • VLC mediasoitin

  • Zoom

Arriving to the ITK conference

How can I get from the center of Hämeenlinna to Aulanko?
A free ITK bus will transport conference participants from Hämeenlinna's railway station, bus station, Vaakuna Hotel, and Scandic City Hotel to Aulanko and back. Detailed schedules will be published on the ITK conference website closer to the event. Schedules will also be available at Aulanko during the conference.

I'm arriving by my own car. Where can I park it?
You can park your car at the "Aulangon ulkoilumaja" -parking area. A free ITK bus runs between the outdoor pavilion and the hotel throughout the event.


I have used Tuudo before - how do I change my organization to the ITK conference?

  1. Open Tuudo APP with your mobiledevice

  2. Open the menu in the top left corner and then select Settings.

  3. Sign out

  4. Choose ITK 2023 from Tuudo's list of institutions and log in to the event using the code "itk2023".

If you have any other questions or comments regarding ITK matters, please contact:

For matters related to registration:
 For matters related to ITK Program:
For matters related to billing:
 For matters related to exihibition:
For general matters: