Tapahtuma Interaktiivinen Tekniikka Koulutuksessa -konferenssi 2022 starts on 5. lokakuuta 2022 klo 10.00.00 +0300
Micro courses provide opportunities to make expertise visible
Etäopetus Hyvät käytänteet Opetusteknologia
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Paikka: Esityssali 24 -
Ajankohta: 7.10.2022 13.30 - 14.00 (30 minuuttia)
Kohderyhmä: Ammattikorkeakoulu: Asiantuntijat, suunnittelijat, ohjaajat, koordinaattorit

Micro courses provide opportunities to make expertise visible
Parkkonen Tiina Verkko-opetuksen koordinaattori  at South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences tiina.parkkonen@xamk.fi 0406482711

Parkkonen Tiina Producer  at South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences tiina.parkkonen@xamk.fi 0406482711

Pulkkinen Pekka Product manager  at South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences pekka.pulkkinen@xamk.fi 0406300341

If you only have a few minutes to spare, you probably won't start anything you can't finish. 


This is where our micro course production started and why.​​ We knew our teachers’ potential, knowledge, expertise, competence capital in our organization. We knew that our online learning in degree studies was strongly based on high quality Finnish pedagogical knowledge and competence. And also, national and international quality insurance of online learning.

Our organization’s strategies one goal is to develop Education export and future oriented learning. And of course, making also good business was behind all these goals and plans.

Because our organization has strong experimental culture, we had a change to start developing something new way of doing things and think also differently about learning itself - and forget the 
credit points and degree courses’ structures. But not forgetting our experts – teachers who were the main resource in our investigations.


The idea was: Rapidly produce with our well designed and tested production model high quality commercial online courses to customers​ with help of our honorable experts. Actively react to the need for specified knowledge all over the world. Easy to use, well designed, pedagogically produced massive online courses.​ And also support content creators in all parts of the production. 


We were thinking first mainly the product and production itself - And this has now changed a lot because of learning the prcess. What have we learned in practice? We must figure out first the reasons how to motivate content creators to join production?​ What is their real passion? What are teachers’ resources to do these?​ What they get from this?


And during the process we wound it – We all need something for ourselves, we wan to come visible. Here are some reasons to join. 


This is opportunity to​ make expertise visible​, gain your own skills​, refresh your pedagogical skills​, get new ideas to your own work​, learn something new​, produce courses new way, learning from process​, learning design​, new technologies​, low threshold to start and update your skills. Test your new idea in small micro course, are people interestsed of it. And all this with great support system: pedagogical network, sparring sessions, media producers, editors, production assistant, graphic designer, co-workers support and spirit​.


Future of micro credentials is here. Microlearning in degree studies are almost here. Let's be ready!​