The ITK Conference brings together teachers, developers, entrepreneurs and researchers to share their inspiration, success and dreams.


A preview of the conference program will be available at this spring's ITK webinars. The webinar series will launch on Feb 11th, 2020 at 2pm at - welcome! 


The webinar presentations will be held mostly in Finnish but on February 18th there will be two presentations in English:


Digitalizing the Thesis Seminar
Scott Alexander, Systems Specialist, Humak & Merja Kylmäkoski Principal Lecturer, Humak


The webinar presents a solution for the question how to organize the thesis seminar which is not time-place dependent. A user-friendly virtual application of the thesis seminar (VIRPI), which will support the aim of the continuous graduation of the students, will be presented in a webinar. VIRPI (ie. virtual pitching) is development by the Humak University of Applied Sciences and it is currently used in Humak's Community Educator Studies (Master Degree) instead of the traditional thesis seminar.


Craftogogy – creating a foundation for the entrepreneurship society
Juhani Koivuviita, Co-founder & CLO, Educraftor


The webinar will introduce the "International Entrepreneurship Education" program, its structure, values and background, based on the new concept of Craftogogy. You will also hear about other processes and projects of innovating entrepreneurship education. You will also get to know the main purpose and elements of the ITK full-day workshop on the 1st of April.

NB! depending on the participants the webinar can be held either in Finnish or in English.


ITK-workshop: Craftogogy – creating a foundation for the entrepreneurship society


More detailed description of the webinar series can be found on the ITK webinars page in Finnish.